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The durable C500 now boasts greater performance and functionality than ever, featuring increased cab options, a larger cooling module, and two new hoods.

The Kenworth C500 is custom-built from the ground up to meet your specific requirements without compromise. The new C500 thrives where other trucks fear to tread, with surprising agility and reliability.

KENWORH C500 Specifications

Cab Options

The C500 is versatile with more cab options to fit your specific application. It comes available with the standard day cab, the 42” FlatTop sleeper, and now features the extended day cab, and the 38” AeroCab FlatTop Sleeper.

Extended Day Cab

  • Additional cab length and enhanced driver comfort.
  • 6in increased belly room and 5in increased head room.
  • Seat reclines up to 21 degrees; 17 degrees at max rear slide position.
  • Increased in-cab storage: over 2 cubic feet additional in-cab storage.
  • Easily accessed from driver or passenger side.
  • Increased space for outerwear, safety equipment, and recordkeeping materials specific to application.

38” AeroCab FlatTop Sleeper

  • Ideal for vocational operations requiring a highly maneuverable truck with more versatility than a day cab can provide.
  • Structure: aluminum and fiberglass construction.
  • Compact with plenty of headroom.
  • Liftable bunk with a 24in x 78in tilt up mattress, over-and-under bunk storage, a full headliner, insulated rubber floor mats, vented access doors, swivel reading light, lockable luggage compartments and a separate sleeper control console.
  • Available with Splendor interior and the cab is available with either Diamond or Splendor interior.

2 New Hoods: fiberglass and sheet metal

  • Accommodate the 1780 square inch cooling module that allows for increased cooling capacity.
  • Increased cooling capacity improves stationary horsepower capability to 600 hp and Gross Combination Weights without application approval to 200,000 lbs.
Kenworth C500

Larger Cooling Module

  • Reduces weight and allows for increased air-flow.
  • Module fins are now made of aluminum rather than copper-brass.
  • Used across the board in all C500 applications with either new wide fiberglass or sheet metal hoods, or optional FEPTO.
  • With FEPTO the parent frame rail has a small cutout to allow for the cooling module installation.